Spice Isle T10

Spice Isle T10

Spice Isle T10 is organized by Grenada Cricket Association the tournament has 6 teams Bay Leaf Blasters, Ginger Generals, Cinnamon Pacers, Nutmeg Warriors, Clove Challengers, and Saffron Strikers all the matches will be played at the National Cricket Stadium, St. George’s, Grenada.

Grenada Cricket Association organizes Spice Isle T10 in St. George’s, Grenada, National Cricket Stadium, named Spice Isle T10 which consists of a T10 competition. A total of six teams will take part in the inaugural edition of the tournament Bay Leaf Blasters, Ginger Generals, Cinnamon Pacers, Nutmeg Warriors, Clove Challengers, and Saffron Strikers. Spice Isle T10 2021 schedule is announced and a T10 format is included and 35 matches set to be played in Spice Isle starting from 31st May 2021. The tournament will have a double round-robin format, with each team playing 10 group stage games in total. The top two teams will make it to the semi-finals, with the Spice Isle T10 final scheduled for June 11.

Spice Isle T10, 2021 Squads:

Bay Leaf Blasters Squad:

Alvin Ramnauth, Amikel Dubissette, Craig Williams, Denis Smith, Deron Hypolite, Devon Smith, Jalon Olive, Josh Noel, Keron Charles, Leon Chichester, Markel Baptiste, Richard Rogers, Ronel Williams, Sharkim Edwards.

Cinnamon Pacers Squad:

Adel Beggs, Alick Athanaze, Chard Charles, Heron Campbell, Javed Hazzard, Javel St Paul, Josh Edmund, Ken Maturine, Kenroy Peters, Kyron Andrew, Levaughn Lewis, Micah Narine, Nicoby John, Reuel Williams

Clove Challengers Squad:

Angel Johnson, Bronson Johnson, Casimir Thomas, Cliffon Mark, Cyprian Forsyth, Darron Need, Denroy Charles, Deyna George, Jamie Buddy, Jeron Noel, Kimo Peters, Melvin Gordon, Teddy Bishop, Tiron Charles

Ginger Generals Squad:

Anil Matthew, Daniel McDonald, Jaheim Brathwaite, Keone George, Larry Edward, Michael Fraser, Nelon Pascal, Nicklaus Redhead, Randol Garcia, Reynold Charles, Roland Cato, Sheon Andrew, Sunil Narayan

Nutmeg Warriors Squad:

Akeem Alexis, Andre Fletcher, Dane Murray, Darel Cyrus, Donald McDonald, Haston Jackson, Isaiah Simon, Jevon Andrew, Josh Thomas, Nealon Francois, Riddick Hayling, Samuel Charles, Seandell Regis, Sheldon Joseph.

Saffron Strikers Squad:

Jelani George, Jenson Phillip, John Olive, Kem Charles, Kendel George, Laurie Williams, Lendon Lawrence, Mickel Joseph, Nickozi St Hillaire, Ray Charles, Ryan John, Samora Fraser, Shermon Lewis, Alex Moses

1 SS SS107215
Clove ChallengersMatch 3May 31 2021 W
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 4Jun 1 2021 W
Cinnamon PacersMatch 8Jun 2 2021 L
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 11Jun 3 2021 L
Ginger GeneralsMatch 14Jun 4 2021 W
Clove ChallengersMatch 17Jun 5 2021 A
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 21Jun 6 2021 W
Cinnamon PacersMatch 23Jun 7 2021 W
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 25Jun 8 2021 T
Ginger GeneralsMatch 30Jun 9 2021
2 CP CP106313
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 2May 31 2021 L
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 6Jun 1 2021 W
Saffron StrikersMatch 8Jun 2 2021 W
Ginger GeneralsMatch 10Jun 3 2021 W
Clove ChallengersMatch 13Jun 4 2021 L
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 16Jun 5 2021 A
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 20Jun 6 2021 W
Saffron StrikersMatch 23Jun 7 2021 L
Ginger GeneralsMatch 27Jun 8 2021 W
Clove ChallengersMatch 29Jun 9 2021 W
3 GG GG10459
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 1May 31 2021 W
Clove ChallengersMatch 5Jun 1 2021 L
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 9Jun 2 2021 W
Cinnamon PacersMatch 10Jun 3 2021 L
Saffron StrikersMatch 14Jun 4 2021 L
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 18Jun 5 2021 A
Clove ChallengersMatch 19Jun 6 2021 W
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 22Jun 7 2021 W
Cinnamon PacersMatch 27Jun 8 2021 L
Saffron StrikersMatch 30Jun 9 2021
4 NW NW10459
Cinnamon PacersMatch 2May 31 2021 W
Saffron StrikersMatch 4Jun 1 2021 L
Ginger GeneralsMatch 9Jun 2 2021 L
Clove ChallengersMatch 12Jun 3 2021 L
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 15Jun 4 2021 W
Cinnamon PacersMatch 16Jun 5 2021 A
Saffron StrikersMatch 21Jun 6 2021 L
Ginger GeneralsMatch 22Jun 7 2021 L
Clove ChallengersMatch 26Jun 8 2021 W
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 28Jun 9 2021 W
5 BLB BLB10367
Ginger GeneralsMatch 1May 31 2021 L
Cinnamon PacersMatch 6Jun 1 2021 L
Clove ChallengersMatch 7Jun 2 2021 W
Saffron StrikersMatch 11Jun 3 2021 W
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 15Jun 4 2021 L
Ginger GeneralsMatch 18Jun 5 2021 A
Cinnamon PacersMatch 20Jun 6 2021 L
Clove ChallengersMatch 24Jun 7 2021 W
Saffron StrikersMatch 25Jun 8 2021 T
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 28Jun 9 2021 L
6 CC CC10367
Saffron StrikersMatch 3May 31 2021 L
Ginger GeneralsMatch 5Jun 1 2021 W
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 7Jun 2 2021 L
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 12Jun 3 2021 W
Cinnamon PacersMatch 13Jun 4 2021 W
Saffron StrikersMatch 17Jun 5 2021 A
Ginger GeneralsMatch 19Jun 6 2021 L
Bay Leaf BlastersMatch 24Jun 7 2021 L
Nutmeg WarriorsMatch 26Jun 8 2021 L
Cinnamon PacersMatch 29Jun 9 2021 L